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Mylène Chamblain is an authentic multi-talented artist, self-taught singer-songwriter, producer and guitarist who has been writing and composing since the age of 14. She began her career in the South of France (her country of origin) and has lived in Belgium since 2005.

Her musical universe reflects her inspirations. Mylène Chamblain’s Americana style, inspired by Road Music and Blues-Rock, is winning over a growing number of fans in Belgium, as well as the English-speaking public. Her personal artistic signature, recognized by her peers, has also seduced Belgium’s national radio station CLASSIC 21 which has been broadcasting her since 2022.


Between frantic Blues-Rock rhythms and Americana-style tracks, where Mylène Chamblain’s voice and compositions can evoke the international american artist Sheryl Crow, and more intimate, intense alt-Country and Pop-Rock tracks, we’re in the presence of a generous artist who’s not afraid to reveal all her deepest, most vivid emotions. 

With concerts in the U.S., England, Lithuania, France and Belgium, including a 10-year musical hiatus, then her active participation in the musical compositions and writing of lyrics for the repertoire of the Belgian band Plain Jane, since 2019, Mylène Chamblain has resurfaced in the spotlight following the release of the EP ‘’Body & Soul’’ (2021), born of her long-distance collaboration with orchestrator - now artistic director - Cyril Orcel.


For more 3 years, Mylène Chamblain has won the support and recognition of renowned musicians from the French scene, such as drummer Loïc Pontieux (Phil Collins, Tina Arena, Mylène Farmer, Florent Pagny, Didier Lockwood, Roger Hodgson...) and Blues-Rock artists from the Belgian and American scenes, such as Beverly Jo Scott.


She is currently performing in Belgium, but is once again coveting Europe, England and the USA. An artist supported by RTBF Classic 21 since 2021, she took part in the 2nd Festival Classic 21 at Liège’s Country Hall with : Ghalia Volt, Boogie Beasts, Sharko and K’S Choice.



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